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Avtec Scout 400

Avtec’s Scout™ 400 delivers a reliable, scalable software dispatching solution that allows up to four radio or telephony endpoints on fixed or mobile consoles, giving you maximum value for a minimal investment. Scout 400 is secure, scalable, and redundant—and deliberately designed to integrate easily with leading radio, telephony, and broadband interfaces.Powered by the same proven technology used in Scout Enterprise, Avtec’s Scout 400 meets the needs of customers that need a scalable, reliable centralized dispatching solution with a lower total cost of ownership. Scout 400, like the entire Scout family, uses a single-code platform, which provides you with a seamless path for system expansion as your business needs change. Sold exclusively through our certified channel partners, Scout 400 offers you:
   -Built-in redundancy and mobility
   -Flexible, scalable technology that grows with you
   -Secure, high quality product
   -Exceptional audio quality
   -Proven technology designed, built, and supported in the USA
   -Easy integration to the widest range of interfaces:
       -Conventional and trunked radios
       -Broadband push-to-talk
       -Miscellaneous—CAD, auxiliary input/output Internet Protocol (IP) recorders, and more
Customizable, Exceptional Audio
   Scout 400’s audio package is a pure software solution that runs on a standard Windows desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. The Scout 400 audio package offers you exceptional audio quality through software that is both easy to install and ready to customize. As with other Scout 400 features, your audio experience for dispatchers can be enhanced by adding on Avtec components such as headsets, microphones, and speakers, or with the addition of standard off-the-shelf accessories.
An On-the-Go Solution
   With built-in mobility, Scout 400’s platform allows your dispatchers and supervisors to manage communications outside of the traditional dispatching environment. Scout 400 provides your communications center with a richly featured console, whether used from a fixed location or as a mobile unit. Users can monitor and control operations while away from central dispatch and stay in touch using both radio and phone.
Easily Scalable
   We deliberately designed Scout 400 to meet your dispatching needs not just as they are today, but also with an eye towards future requirements. As your communication needs expand and change, Scout 400 grows with you. Because the entire Scout family is built on a proven, single-code platform, you have the option to add up to seven Scout 100 or 400 consoles without disruption. Alternatively, with a licensing upgrade, you have the ability to migrate to our most fully featured dispatch solution, Scout Enterprise, which is designed to solve the complex needs of the most demanding communication centers in the world.

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