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Avtec Scout 800

Avtec’s Scout™ 800 delivers a reliable, scalable software dispatching solution that allows up to eight radio or telephony endpoints on fixed or mobile consoles, giving you maximum value for a minimal investment. Scout 800 is secure, scalable, and redundant—and deliberately designed to integrate easily with leading radio, telephony, and broadband interfaces.Powered by the same proven technology used in Scout Enterprise, Avtec’s Scout 800 meets the needs of customers that need a scalable, reliable centralized dispatching solution with a lower total cost of ownership. Scout 800, like the entire Scout family, uses a single-code platform, which provides you with a seamless path for system expansion as your business needs change. Sold exclusively through our certified channel partners, Scout 800 offers you:
   -Built-in redundancy and mobility
   -Flexible, scalable technology that grows with you
   -Secure, high quality product
   -Exceptional audio quality
   -Proven technology designed, built, and supported in the USA
   -Easy integration to the widest range of interfaces:
       -Conventional and trunked radios
       -Broadband push-to-talk
       -Miscellaneous—CAD, auxiliary input/output Internet Protocol (IP) recorders, and more
Customizable User Interface
   Scout™ 800 has unparalleled configurability. With Scout Manager, which runs on Windows, your system administrators can customize screens by dragging and dropping or adjusting elements, including window or pad sizes, text fonts and colors, screen orientation, web browser objects, map backgrounds, custom buttons and icons, and much, much more. Your team can even customize the audio experience based on the surrounding environment.
   With Scout Manager you have the ability to develop unlimited screen configurations and assign them to one or all positions, without the need for your dispatchers to close the console application. As an added protection, system administrators can create user profiles and assign permission levels. All Scout 800 user interface elements are designed for error-free operation.

Product Specifications