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Ritron Locomotive Clean Cab Radio

Ritron Clean Cab radio model RCCR

The Ritron Clean Cab radio model RCCR is a dedicated manufacturing effort by one company with more than 30 years of RF engineering design and production experience. The combination of manufacturing know-how along with in-house mechanical, RF engineering and software skills work together to benefit our railroad customers' needs.

The RCCR radio is designed with state of the art RF technology to provide onboard voice communication for freight and transit railroad operations. A fresh, clean-sheet design approach was used to optimize performance specifically for the railroad environment instead of adapting an off-the-shelf LMR mobile radio.

The radio is available in both 1 piece or 2 piece remote head models and is fully compliant with the January 1, 2013 FCC mandate for narrow band operation. It supports 25KHz (wide) and 12.5KHz (narrow) operation and can be easily upgraded via a plug-in board to support digital communication using the NXDN digital standard at 6.25KHz. The all-metal enclosure is made from heavy gage, precision-machined aluminum for maximum durability. A large bright, easy-to-read LED display allows for a wide viewing angle and ruggedness. Front panel push buttons are large and flush mounted to ensure correct entry and backlit for low light operation. Special emphasis has been given to easy access and serviceability of all internal PCB's and related electronics.

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