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Icom F9011/F9021

P25 conventional & trunking portables VHF/UHF

P25 Conventional and Trunking Features

Get ready for P25 conventional, P25 trunking and analog conventional all in one radio with the IC-9011 series!

  • P25 VHF and UHF conventional and trunking
    The IC-F9011 series has P25 conventional and trunking capabilities as standard. You can assign individual channels to analog conventional, P25 conventional or P25 trunking, all within one radio.

  • Interoperability
    The IC-F9011 series conforms to the standard specifications for TIA/EIA TSB-102, CAAB, Digital C4FM Transceiver Performance Recommendations and provides interoperability with other brand P25 equipment for public safety applications.

  • Digital/Analog mixed mode operations
    The mixed mode operation allows you to detect and receive both analog FM and P25 digital modes and to transmit either mode depending on programming.

  • Individual ID and talkgroup ID
    The IC-F9011 series has 100 individual ID and 250 talkgroup ID memories. Use the display to visually select the person or group you're going to call.

  • Optional AES/DES encryption
    The IC-F9011 provides AES and/or DES encryption for secure conversation with the optional UT-125 AES/DES encryption unit or UT-128 DES encryption unit. Versions certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 1 for AES encryption are planned for future release.

  • OTAR (Over-the-Air-Rekeying)
    The IC-9011 series supports P25 OTAR for changing encryption keys over the air.

  • Enhanced Vocoder ready
    Using the DVSI's AMBE+2™ vocoder, the IC-F9011 series is enhanced vocoder ready.