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Icom IC-F9511/F9521

VHF P25 Conventional & Trunked Transceivers

P25 Conventional and Trunking Features

Get ready for P25 conventional, P25 trunking and analog conventional all in one radio with the IC-9511 series!

    • P25 UHF and VHF conventional and trunking 
      The IC-F9511 series has P25 VHF and UHF conventional and trunking capabilities as standard. You can configure the radio into P25 conventional and trunking systems as well as an analog conventional system.

    • Interoperability 
      The IC-F9511 series conforms to the standard specifications for TIA/EIA TSB-102, CAAB, Digital C4FM Transceiver Performance Recommendations and provides interoperability with other brand P25 equipment for public safety applications.

    • Digital/Analog mixed mode operations
      The mixed mode operation allows you to detect and receive both analog FM and P25 digital modes and to transmit either mode depending on programming.

    • Individual ID and talkgroup ID
      The IC-F9511 series has 100 individual ID and 250 talkgroup ID memories. Use the display to visually select the person or group you're going to call.

    • Optional AES/DES encryption
      The IC-F9511 provides AES and/or DES encryption for secure conversation with the optional UT-125 AES/DES encryption unit or UT-128 DES encryption unit. Versions certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 1 for AES encryption are planned for future release

    • OTAR (Over-the-Air-Rekeying)
      The IC-9511 series supports P25 OTAR for changing encryption keys over the air.

    • Enhanced Vocoder ready
      Using the DVSI's AMBE+2™ vocoder, the IC-F9511 series is enhanced vocoder ready. 

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