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Zetron’s MAX Fire Station Alerting

 Zetron’s MAX Fire Station Alerting is a purpose-built communications and operational automation solution that is deployed standalone, connected to existing CAD and dispatch systems, or delivered as a component of a fully integrated MAX Systems mission critical communications platform with MAX Dispatch, MAX CAD, and MAX Call Taking
MAX Fire Station Alerting delivers communications from a central site and is designed to support simultaneous multistation
alerting when integrated with any modern CAD system. It supports various communications and control
capabilities within individual stations, including:
• Direct communications back to the dispatch center
• CAD/MDT/Console based apparatus status tracking
• Turning lights on/off
• Opening/closing/locking doors
• Sending alert tones and broadcasting dispatch messages over public address (PA)
MAX Fire Station Alerting is an innovative and highly configurable solution. With robust functionality and scalability
necessary to meet the most complex requirements of metropolitan departments, its affordability and ease
of use also make MAX Fire Station Alerting ideally suited for even the smallest single-station rural department

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