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Avtec Mini SIP Console

SIP-Based Dispatch Software

The Mini SIP Console is sold and supported by Avtec. The Mini SIP Console controls up to four radio endpoints and has undergone compatibility testing with Scout to ensure a smooth, quality experience.
   ScoutLink™ is a new component built on the core Scout™ architecture that opens access to the Scout dispatching console platform. ScoutLink extends communications possibilities and leverages the range of connectivity already supported by Scout to a wider audience. It does this by using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to communicate. Utilizing SIP allows ScoutLink to access third-party IP devices.
By deploying ScoutLink alongside Scout consoles, clients can:
   -Communicate via licensed SIP devices, such as a Mini SIP Console, through the existing Scout infrastructure to any of the endpoint types that are supported in VPGate™.
   -Benefit from a lower entry point for new systems, especially those who need only a simple system when they start.
   -Leverage the Scout backbone already in place on their IP network.
   -Create a standalone system that scales as needs change, from a single position to multiple dispatch centers each with hundreds of consoles and thousands of endpoints.
   -Extend dispatch communications to places where a full-scale console position would be cumbersome, or in other situations that require an alternative to a standard console.

Product Specifications