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Avtec Scout Enterprise

Software-based radio dispatch consoles and communications you can count on.

Conventional Radios
   Scout supports the P25 DFSI standard, plus IDAS, DMR Tier II, MOTOTRBO, ED-137, Kenwood NEXEDGE, Kenwood Mobile, and LMR radios.
Trunked Radios
   Connect P25 CSSI systems, plus MOTOTRBO, NEXEDGE, DMR Tier III and legacy analog systems.
Broadband Push-to-Talk
   Integrate communications technologies with commercial cellular networks from AT&T.
   Fully control 1-100+ telephony extensions via direct SIP interface to most phone systems.
Miscellaneous Interfaces
   Easily connect CAD systems, I/O, headsets, indicator lights, archival recorders and more.
Supported Features: 
   -Group or Private Call
   -Call Alert
   -Emergency Call Display
   -Emergency State Clear and Clear Call
   -Progress Tones
   -Remote Radio Check
   -Radio Microphone Enable
   -One-Button Selection of Multiple Resources
   -Tone / Voice Paging
Flexible, Scalable Pure IP Architecture
   Scout is a collection of Windows software applications and services, running on standard PC hardware, that communicate over IP networks. Unlike legacy or competitor communications integration solutions, there is no backroom Time Division Multiplex (TDM) switch; Scout transmits radio, voice, and data over IP end-to-end. This allows systems to be installed with various combinations of localized or geographically distributed components required to meet the end user’s needs, as well as eliminates costly leased lines and dedicated infrastructure, both now and in the future.
   Larger organizations often have multiple dispatching locations. The Scout architecture supports interconnecting over 100 independently survivable Scout systems. By using Avtec’s Frontier™, Scout offers efficient endpoint sharing between remote systems, via WAN-friendly unicast. Avtec has invested millions of dollars into scalability and stress testing, demonstrating a proven record of meeting these real-world requirements.

Product Specifications