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Communication is the key to productivity. Instant back and forth wireless communication can only be achieved by 2-way radio. At the press of a button, one individual can talk to one or one thousand other team members. Emergency responders count on Burlington Communications 2-way radio systems.

Saving Lives

We help public safety agencies save lives by providing reliable wireless communication systems. Our customer base includes numerous public safety dispatch centers, utilities, hospitals, police, fire, rescue and at least a dozen “3 letter” federal agencies: ATF, DEA, IRS, and FPS to name only a few.


Looking for a great deal on the latest technology? Check out our customer appreciation 2-way radio promotions. Client satisfaction is our top priority at Burlington Communications. Contact us anytime to learn how we can help you grow your business.

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How To Improve Your Public Safety Radio Coverage

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BCS portable products

Known for sleek and efficient design, acknowledged for quality and consistently preferred by government and industry, BCS portable 2-way radios are the reliable and cost-effective choice.

BCS mobile products

BCS mobiles offer state-of-the-art voice compression digitization technology that offers superior clarity at varying signal strengths, even at highway speeds. Contact BCS today to learn more.


Our in-dash GPS receivers give you quick GPS navigation, including traffic alerts. You can listen to internet radio, talk hands-free, and play music. The perfect in-dash command center for your ride.

BCS Systems

BCS also offers complete systems . . . .

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